The Seven Suns (Pantheon Special Unit SA:7)Edit

The Seven Suns are a unit comprised of seven talented soldiers who gained minor fame by challenging the Nocturne presence in South America around the year 2082. The unit is comprised of fringe Pantheon operatives Libra and Mercury, ex-Indentured Servants Terra Sala and Eden, and ex-slaves Enki, Muse, and Eidolon. The Seven Suns operated under the leadership of Libra for the entirety of their South American campaign and were only welcomed in to Pantheon after being assisted by Artemis in a large skirmish near the Rio Grande. The Seven Suns are currently living in Petra and are under the instruction of Artemis and Ra.

Formation Edit

The Seven Suns came together after several incidents took place in South America around December of 2081. In La Paz, Bolivia, future Suns Eden, Eidolon, and Terra Sala escaped a small Nocturne research facility where they all were being housed. After leaving the facility they encountered Mercury, who was en route to rescue a captive Libra. Mercury enlisted the help of the La Paz escapees, who successfully retrieved Libra from a Nocturne compound in Fortin Toledo. After wandering for a short time the small group raided another small compound in an effort to replenish supplies. During that raid the group was helped by a nearby incognito "bat-biologist" named Enki. Along with taking supplies, the group also freed a strange beast named Muse who eventually joined the group at the same time as Enki. After an appeal from Libra for the group to travel north towards Petra together, the seven members agreed to solidify as a combat unit, naming themselves The Seven Suns.</span>olivia

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