Terra Sala (Mateo Silva)
Vital statistics
Position Mech & Fractal Suite Fighter
Age 20
Status Seven Suns Squad Member
Physical attributes
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 180 lbs

Summary Edit

Terra Sala is the Seven Suns alias of Mateo Silva and one of the three original members of the Seven Suns. His combat methods revolve around the use of melee attacks and employing technology to misdirect the efforts of his opponents. Terra Sala and the Seven Suns are currently refining their skills in Petra under the instruction of senior Pantheon members.

Origin Edit

Silva was born on November 10th, 2062 on a Nocturne Base in La Paz, Bolivia. Due to a childhood that revolved around his father's work as an Indentured Servant for the Nocturnes, Silva was raised with a strong background in cutting edge military technology. The La Paz research facility also housed the biological experiment Eden, who was a close friend to Silva throughout Childhood.

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